Hello hello, I'm a graphic designer and illustrator born and raised in Delaware and currently based in New York City. I got my start designing in middle school, building graphics for various fandoms on whatever free website I could find.
I studied architecture and civil engineering in high school, but continued to explore building graphics for my study based Tumblr and Instagram accounts, which collectively had over 5k followers.  
I double majored in Design and History at Hofstra University, and graduated summa cum laude in 2020 with a Bachelor of Arts. I also minored in Italian and Italian American Studies, and studied abroad in Florence, Italy in the spring of 2018. 
While studying at Hofstra, I also participated in, and eventually became the president of Form Gallery. (An entirely student run art gallery that features different student art shows weekly as a way to give young artists experience hosting their own gallery shows, and running a professional gallery space.) While there I hosted two of my own gallery shows and ran the socials, which required doing all of the marketing for the student shows, for two years.
Maybe the biggest thing that I did in college is work in the Admissions office, where I not only gave tours, but also regularly contacted thousands of potential students to inform them about all that Hofstra had to offer. I also redesigned the front entrance every month to create an engaging and interactive welcome to prospective students. In 2019, I became the training chair, and was responsible for recruiting and training over 75 volunteers, as well as ensuring that all 40+ guides were performing at the standards expected. I was also a part of a group of students that worked with the accessibility department to ensure that tours were as accessible as possible, and in 2020 I was a part of yet another group of students that came up with the COVID-19 safe digital tour.
In my free time now I can be found doing a lot of things. Knitting, drawing, embroidery, and most recently crocheting (which you can see in the wonder bread sweater I made above). I'm also a huge music fan. I attend concerts nearly every month and personally play 5 instruments. I can also often be found attending trivia nights and watching movies with my friends.
I am currently working as a Jr. Graphic Designer at Amazon Live, where I primarily focus on designing marketing graphics. 
Thank you!
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