I interned for the communications department at the American Foundation for suicide prevention from January to May of 2020, and these are some of my favorite pieces I created.
This Instagram carousel is based on a blog posted by AFSP in March of 2020 at the beginning of the pandemic. The blog and post went semi-viral and was included in Facebook's guide on addressing the pandemic for non-profits. It remains in the top 5 most liked posts on their instagram. 
One of the first graphic sets I created for AFSP, these are a set of animated Valentine's Day graphics created for Instagram stories made to be shared with friends and loved ones. 
A few other Instagram graphics I made for AFSP.
The first focused on gun safety, subtly shown with the gun safe in the upstairs bedroom.
The second was created for volunteer appreciation week, and was meant to mimic the iconic bag design using AFSP's brand colors
The third was made to share resilience strategies, and as can be seen through the style of the graphic it was a part of our graphics around COVID-19.

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